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ZOZU Moisturizing Lip Mask 20sheetsSamsao Thai Cosmetic

ZOZU Moisturizing Lip Mask 20sheets

ZOZU Moisturizing Lip Mask 20sheets

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Vitamin C-rich berry mixed complex, containing allantoin, propylene glycol, cherry extract, can eliminate dry, scaly dead skin on the lips at night, thereby making the lips smooth the next morning.

-Nourish the skin and supplement the necessary water.
-Moisturizes, moisturizes lips and makes skin smooth.
-Help improve dry lips.
-Formulated with natural ingredients.
-Nourish, repair and moisturize day and night.

How to use : After facial cleansing, place the mask on your lips and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes until the essence completely gets absorbed into the skin for nourishment and then peel off gently. To enhance refreshing feeling, put the mask in the fridge before using.

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