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THA Juicy Lip Volume #02Samsao Thai Cosmetic

THA Juicy Lip Volume #02

THA Juicy Lip Volume #02

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Lip volume with a juicy, shiny texture like glass. that delivers deep moisture to the lips immediately upon application.Ready to provide nourishment to the lips at all times. With 3 types of natural oils such as Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil and Grape Seed Oil that contain anti-oxidants. Helps make your lips smooth and soft to the touch. The mouth lines look shallower.Reduce dark circles It also has menthol  that gives a cool and refreshing feeling. and helps the lips look plump .Make your lips look shiny. With a smooth lip texture that glides smoothly on the lips. Comes in the form of a small, slender push stick, convenient to use, with a light grape scent, pleasant to use.

How to use: Press on the end of the stick. Let the lipstick come out in the desired amount. Then apply lipstick around the lips. When you press the lip balm out, the lip balm will not be able to go back in. and should be stored at room temperature .Avoid places with direct light or high temperatures.

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