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Skynlab Premium Ultra Slim Dental Floss 10mSamsao Thai Cosmetic

Skynlab Premium Ultra Slim Dental Floss 10m

Skynlab Premium Ultra Slim Dental Floss 10m

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Regain your oral hygiene and confidence with this premium waxed dental floss. This smooth, shred-resistant floss is designed to remove food debris and plaque from hard-to-reach areas and between teeth and gums easily thanks to its highly durable, elastic and ultra-slim nylon. Easy to use and hold, it also offers a refreshing mint flavor to keep your mouth feeling clean and fresh as well as prevent bad breath, inflamed gums, gingival recession and tooth decay effectively.

How to use : Pull out approximately 45 cm. of dental floss and break off with cutter. Then, wind ends of dental floss around the middle finger of each hand and tighten with thumb and forefinger. Gently guide the dental floss between teeth with a careful up and down motion repeatedly until it reaches gum line. Repeat the procedure on the other teeth, take a clean section of dental floss each time.

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