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Ratcha Hya Booster Serum 15mlSamsao Thai Cosmetic

Ratcha Hya Booster Serum 15ml

Ratcha Hya Booster Serum 15ml

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Ratcha Hya Booster Serum . Hyaluronic serum nourishes the skin with the value of combining hyaluron. Moisturizes the skin both from the inside and outside, combining Amitose GOA, a new innovation of vitamin C with properties that are more special than other types of vitamin C. Radiant quickly and helps tighten pores It also has anti-irritating properties. With aloe vera extract, licorice root extract, and Allantoin, it makes the skin soft and moisturized as soon as you apply the fast-absorbing serum texture. Not sticky. Make your skin look younger.

How to use: Apply all over the face regularly, morning and evening.

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