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POND’S Pure White Facial Foam 100gSamsao Thai Cosmetic

POND’S Pure White Facial Foam 100g

POND’S Pure White Facial Foam 100g

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Another level of innovation in Pond's facial cleansing foam. that combines Exfoliating Technology with Activated Charcoal & Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract. Gently removes millions of accumulated old skin cells. Deeply cleanses the pores. Detox impurities~ Reveals glowing, radiant skin every time you wash.

Exfoliation of dead skin cells Helps to brighten the face every day, exfoliating dead skin cells. It is necessary to receive nourishment after washing your face.Pure White facial cleansing foam, formulated for people whose faces are dull from exposure to the sun. and various pollution Combines the power of Japanese green tea leaf extract and charcoal that helps in detoxifying dirt deep into the pores and balancing the skin. Balancing the skin Reveals clean, clear skin No residue

How to use: Squeeze the foam, mix with a little water to create foam, apply and gently massage all over the face and neck, then rinse with clean water.

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