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Keumyon Natural Hair Color Shampoo 30mlSamsao Thai Cosmetic

Keumyon Natural Hair Color Shampoo 30ml

Keumyon Natural Hair Color Shampoo 30ml

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Cover up grey hair and easily change the color in an instant with Keumyon Natural Hair Color Shampoo! With the help of various natural extracts such as Camellia Oil, Dongbaek (Tsubaki), Lingzhi, Olive Oil, and Ginseng, the product not only gives a natural finish color but also nourishes and conditions your hair for healthy-looking, silky smooth, and anti-frizzy results without causing scalp irritation.

How to use : Wash your hair and wipe it with towel. Put on the plastic gloves, tear off the sachet and squeeze the product into the container and mix until blended. Apply the product to damp hair and gently massage it into the scalp from root to tip, and leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes or longer for lasting result. Rinse off with water. It is recommended to use 2 sachets if you have long hair.

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