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Cathy Doll Sweet Dew Perfume Lotion 150mlSamsao Thai Cosmetic

Cathy Doll Sweet Dew Perfume Lotion 150ml

Cathy Doll Sweet Dew Perfume Lotion 150ml

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Perfume lotion to nourish the body with the fragrant scent of grapefruit. That gives brightness reflecting the radiance followed by the scent of jasmine and rose. Give a gentle fragrance Finishing with the scent of White Musk, providing a refreshing mist. Rich in extracts of Punica Pranatum Seed Oil that helps restore rough skin. Reduces wrinkles, combines Tocopherol to help nourish, smooth, soft, moisturized skin. It also has Ascorbic Acid and Arbutin to help brighten the skin. Reduce dark circles Reveals smooth, moisturized body skin. Comes with a long-lasting fragrance that lasts all day.

How to use : Open the cap and squeeze an ideal amount of body lotion onto palm and apply it all over the body. For better results, use it on a regular basis in the morning and evening.

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