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Cathy Doll Suji Tattoo Brow 1.6gSamsao Thai Cosmetic

Cathy Doll Suji Tattoo Brow 1.6g

Cathy Doll Suji Tattoo Brow 1.6g

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Cathy Doll Suji Tattoo Brow, the innovative cushion-tip pencil that helps you achieve natural-looking brows with ease. Inspired by the Suji brow tattoo technique from Korea, this highly pigmented and long-lasting brow pencil features a cushion tip for easy drawing and diffusing. Convenient and easy to carry, it lets you create the perfect brows anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to smudging and fading, and hello to natural brows that last all day.

How to use : Twist to open and use the cushion tip to draw and fill in brows. You can enhance the intensity of color by dipping the tip into a brow powder.

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