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Cathy Doll Hyaluron Lip Moist #06Samsao Thai Cosmetic

Cathy Doll Hyaluron Lip Moist #06

Cathy Doll Hyaluron Lip Moist #06

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Give your lips an instant boost with Cathy Doll Hyaluron Lip Moist. With 1,000 mg of hyaluronic acid, this pigment-saturated lipstick envelops your pout in glowing, luscious color, leaving them looking full, plump, and enviably soft. Free of parabens, it has a mixture of collagen and vitamin E to deliver maximum nourishment, Allantoin extracts from comfrey tree to prevent irritation along with Menthol and peppermint to make your lips feel refreshed and comfortable. Swipe on now to boost your lips and confidence anywhere, anytime!

How to use : Twist to open and use the applicator to evenly apply the product to your lips. It can be reapplied during the day to keep your lips looking moisturized and plumped. Close the cap after use.

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