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Cathy Doll Bare Heart Perfume Lotion 150mlSamsao Thai Cosmetic

Cathy Doll Bare Heart Perfume Lotion 150ml

Cathy Doll Bare Heart Perfume Lotion 150ml

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This perfumed body lotion is inspired by the joy of embracing and feeling the emotion which makes it more attractive like no other. The top note will make you feel like you are being embraced and captivated by the sweetness and juiciness of Freesia and Peony flowers garnished by a special breed of Rose that is settled yet delicate, gathering with uplifting sense of Lily of the valley, Amber, and Honey to bring unforgettable scent wonderfully. This lotion is rich in Pomegranate extract to revive rough dry skin and diminish wrinkles, coming with Vitamin E to keep the skin conditioned. It is also blended with Vitamin C and Arbutin to boost radiance, allowing you to unveil smooth and supple skin with lasting captivating sensation for all day long.

How to use : Open the cap and squeeze an ideal amount of body lotion onto palm and apply it all over the body. For better results, use it on a regular basis in the morning and evening.

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