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Cathy Doll Babe Face Sheet Mask 20gCathydoll

Cathy Doll Babe Face Sheet Mask 20g

Cathy Doll Babe Face Sheet Mask 20g

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Pamper your skin with this peptide serum sheet mask made of 100% plant-derived fiber. Non-irritating, it adheres to the skin seamlessly and is free from petrochemical fiber, fluorescent and bleaching agents while being soft to the touch. Supercharged with 8 peptide molecules to reduce the depth of wrinkles for visibly firmer, bouncier look, this mask accelerates exfoliation to deliver moisturized and plump complexion as well as soothing, decreasing dullness for a healthy glow. Moreover, the serum penetrates deeply into the skin to firm up, helping you achieve a youthful appearance like never before!

HOW TO USE:After facial cleansing, put sheet mask on and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. Then, peel it off and gently massage the essence until it is absorbed. The remaining essence can be applied onto the neck and other areas without rinsing off.

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