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CATHY DOLL 15% 8HYA AMPOULE 6MLSamsao Thai Cosmetic



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15% 8 HYA Ampoule, a concentrated ampoule serum that has high content 15% of 8 different molecules of Hyaluronic Acids to refill the skin with moisture, delivering 8 levels of intense nourishment and preparing your skin for the next step of skincare routine. This ampoule is blended with 10% of Deep Sea Water that contains minerals from deep sea water to relieve the skin after exposure to pollutants, together with 4.5% of Witch Hazel to shrink pores and control excess sebum for smooth appearance. Antioxidant components of 4.5% of Rose extract or Rose Water aid in revitalizing the skin and boost hydration while serving supple look with 8% of Aloe Vera extract and 2% of Collagen. This item also aims to enhance skin radiance with condensed 2% of Niacinamide to deliver healthy-looking result, getting your skin for the next step of nourishment.

How to use : Twist open the cap and press the dropper to get an ideal amount of serum. Put the serum on the skin and gently blend it across the face. Use this ampoule regularly in the morning and evening. It can be used before applying other skincare products and makeup to keep the skin balanced.

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