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Berina Hair Color #A3Samsao Thai Cosmetic

Berina Hair Color #A3

Berina Hair Color #A3

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Berina hair color changing cream. Closely covers white hair, close-fitting, long-lasting color, soft hair, not rough and long-lasting. 1 box contains - Berina hair dye cream 60 ml. 1 tube - Berina Developer 9% 60 ml. 1 bottle.

How to make: Mix hair dye cream 1 tube with 1 bottle of Berina Developer. Mix well and use a brush to apply on the hair. Leave it on for about 35-45minutes, then rinse it out.

** The hair color may not be as accurate as the sample. Depends on the customer's hair color. If you want a clear hair color, you should have additional hair bleaching done.

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