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Baby Bright Rejulight Jelly Tint #01Samsao Thai Cosmetic

Baby Bright Rejulight Jelly Tint #01

Baby Bright Rejulight Jelly Tint #01

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A gel-like mirror lip. Soft and moisturizing touch Light, not heavy on the lips, beautiful, clear color. Ready to help restore the lips to look plump. Bouncing and fluffy like no lip lines.Helps strengthen collagen ready to add moisture and flexibility to the lips. Reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles to make them look more shallow. Add color to make your lips look beautiful, full, juicy, and look naturally healthy.

How to use : Turn to open the product cover. Use the brush head to dip only a small amount of the product out. Then apply it all over the lips. Use your fingers to blend to make the color look faded. Can be used on lips, cheeks, and eyelids. Twist the product cap tightly after every use.

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