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Madame Fin Perfume Eau de Perfume 30mlSamsao Thai Cosmetic

Madame Fin Perfume Eau de Perfume 30ml

Madame Fin Perfume Eau de Perfume 30ml

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Finished Eau de Parfum is an Ozonic Floral scent. A wearable light, fresh, and pure as an innocent girl. Makes you feel more relax and relief but still makes you look so fascinating people cant help but wants to come close to you. Containing of those extraordinary white rose petals along with the freshness from green apples and lemon, filled by the warmth of Cedar woods create an exclusive fresh, light, and soft aroma that will transform you into an innocent, optimistic girl. Moreover, this fragrance will make you and anyone around feel relaxed like never before.

How to use : Add fragrance to the body or spray it onto your pulse points after showering.

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